Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tomatoes!!!! and a Soirée Fondue Savoyard!!!!

          Guess of the day, I have 22 lbs of these beautiful tomatoes!!!

                                              cooking my sauce......

                              Well, I will have to do it in two batches!!!! 
                              How many pints can I can !!!!!!


                              Dinner with the girls from Savoir
                                      Chantal and Helene
                               Plus their little family of three

almost ready!!!

Bread is cut into nice cubes and ready to be dipped in the fondue

WOW, Look at that, Yummy, Yummy and Yummy!!!

While we dine, a little nap for the guys, but there is one missing!

OH, here he is, well, the youngest never does what he is supposed to do!!!!

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Rebecca said...

That looks really inviting..... I swear the little yorkies have