Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gone Fishing!!!

Yup, the guys went fishing this morning, and guess what I am up to ?????

Singing, dancing and talking, when the cat is out the mice play, so I am playing, playing and more.....

My garden dream is done, well it is now a top, some of the girls call it a flimsy, but I rather call it a top for now,  my idea of flimsy is not really that, but I am open to all kinds of suggestions, so I can always change my mind.  Somewhere I can hear my Mom saying, that dress is to flimsy, or those curtains are flimsy, meaning cheep, or not that great, so I will wait and see.

Also a dog's day, nice and warm out and just a lazy day for Cali!!

Well, here is my top, enjoy!!  Oh first Cali, short for California.


Rebecca said...

Your top is gorgeous!!!! love those colors. Shasta Daises, I love daises...... Isn't it fun to play when your home by youself..
Now what is the quilting design????

Suzan said...

OH my!!!!!