Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New patch and updates of my disaster kitchen!!!!

                   Almost finished this quilt, lots of feathers, having fun!!!

Well, I am quilting away, the guys are having a good talking too with the big boss,  looks like things will be looking up.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, Kitchen and Quilting!!!

Wishing you all a great and Happy Thanksgiving. 
Here none!!I will postpone for another week I guess, but there is an advancement in the kitchen...

look at that sander!!!WOW

under the kitchen sink!!

OK now Quilting!!!  both disappearing nine patches, I used a Christmas panto on the Christmas quilt with gold Superior thread.  I used the Black eyed Susan panto on the other with a nice "filtec" thread..  Used Hobbs cotton on the Christmas one and Hobbs 20/80 on the other.  Going to use the Christmas quilt for a table cloth so thought it would be nicer in cotton.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Palavas, even thought there is a new kitchen we have to work!!!!

This is our second week of Pieced Flowers by Ruth McDowell.
A little long to do but the results are just great. Today was the curved seams since we did the straight seams last week.
Next week they will pick a small project to do with the flowers before we start on a new subject that has nothing to do with flowers.

My patch that I started in Vermont, worked on Saturday at the quilt shop and will finish maybe tonight!!!

another day in the kitchen!!!

Wires hanging out, and lots of them, boxes of new cupboards and new fridge, dishwasher, oven and burners.   I ordered  two gas stove tops and a small under the counter fridge, a smaller dishwasher so this way I have more counter space and cupboards.   Going to look nice....

Doesn't seem to bother Cali, guess she is tired of looking after everyone that comes in and out of the house!!!!

Plus DH said as long as I can watch the game tonight!!!That is all I need!!!!

A week of a new kitchen!!!

Well, have to show my new dish washer!!!
Lots of fun!!!

Tiles have been grouted!! now the side boards to be put up, but !!!!!maybe in two weeks!!!!!

tiles are in and grouted also, plaster board on one wall, and !!!!!!

Lots of dust, and lots of dust, and .......
little hall way is almost done, with WC and bathroom to finish, should be done this week

Looking good, but today they said that the back splash of the counter top is broken, and three weeks to order a new one!!!
Life is good!!!!!

A saturday at Alleé de la Mercerie

Saturday I spent the day at the Mercerie, I did bring my sewing machine and table and worked on a quilt that I started in Vermont, I will post a picture later of that.  We had a good day, and I did help a few clients,  classes Some new fabrics came in, and the shelves are filling up little by little. 

In the afternoon you can come and have a course on knitting!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

two down!!!

Even thought my house is a big disaster area  I can go up and get some calm, my last two quilts that I quilted, 
A disappearing nine patch and a city night view...