Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, Kitchen and Quilting!!!

Wishing you all a great and Happy Thanksgiving. 
Here none!!I will postpone for another week I guess, but there is an advancement in the kitchen...

look at that sander!!!WOW

under the kitchen sink!!

OK now Quilting!!!  both disappearing nine patches, I used a Christmas panto on the Christmas quilt with gold Superior thread.  I used the Black eyed Susan panto on the other with a nice "filtec" thread..  Used Hobbs cotton on the Christmas one and Hobbs 20/80 on the other.  Going to use the Christmas quilt for a table cloth so thought it would be nicer in cotton.

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Rebecca said...

Yeh look at that
Those cabinets are beautiful!! Love that color.

Quilts look great too!! you have been sooooo busy and I thought I was busy all the time.