Monday, September 26, 2011

Stay connected!!

I understand that there are a few little problems for posting,  once a little bug told me that if the stay connected button is checked you cannot post!!
I tried posting myself and it worked, so if there is still a
problem please let me know.
Look what came in this morning!!!!! I met Alex in St.Marie aux Mines and asked for a sample!!!!Look what came in "Thanks Alex for the wonderful Aurifil thread".....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feathers anyone? I think I am getting good at this!!!

WOW a great day, and then!!! 63/33/03/01

A great day yesterday, received something in the mail that I was not expecting so fast...MY CHRISTMAS QUILT!!! It is so beautiful.  THANK YOU SO MUCH REBECCA.....

Then after my quilt, oh it is so beautiful, we made home made cupcakes and decorated them for
some special guys!!!

Here is the guy that started it all

the second guy that started it all!!!

One couple who!!!hasn't started it but Julien is the god father of two guys that are in the spotlight today!!



Well you guessed !!  Grand father, farther, son and son were born all in September, Rene father on the 21st, Rene son, on the 22nd, Lucien son on the 16th and Noé on the 21st like his grandfather!!!
so it is 63/33/03/01
gosh!!! Julien, Lucien and I were born on the same day the 16th!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011