Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garden Window

Can't seem to turn the picture, so guess you will have to look sideways!!

The fabric is called Skylark, guess everyone knows that I love birds!!

Part of the back

The center back

The border picture isn't very good!!!!


Rebecca said...

Oh My GOODNESS Suzan!!!!!!!
Your quilting is stunning...... I can see ribbons coming your way. I love your choice on the all over
leaf & fancy feathers, love what you quilted in each block and the border. When I click on the photos to enlarge I can see your beautiful work. Just look a what you have accomplished in such a little time. " WOW"


Will this quilt hang in your friends new shop????

Suzan said...

yes, I am loaning it for a month, then picked up fabric for a new one with her christmas fabric, will try!!!