Monday, December 26, 2011


Went out for a little ride to see the sun set and got back just in time to take a few pictures, of course, I forgot my camera, so had to run, get it, and then go to the side of the house to get the last views of something nature does just right!!!!! hope you enjoy!!  I will try and get the pink flamingos tomorrow, it was to dark this evening to get a shot, well picture!!! 

You can just barely see the moon, so small that litlle toe nail!!!!

Sewing machines...Visit to Marseille at the Comptoir Phocéen

Love going to Marseille, there is always something to see and do and dream about, well I will let you dream in the middle of the old sewing machine collection!!! Cyril and Dominique have a great collection.

a  Feather Weight!!!

A machine to do hats

See the box!!!!!It's for me!!!!!
Wonder what is going in there!!!!
Just full of surprises and good things!

Fabric to dream about also!!!!but next time, have lots to do and so little time!!!
next time I will take better notes, but so exciting to get a box!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

thursday night roller skating!!!

Here is what some LA quilters do on thursday night, they do it on tuesday nights also but for a 21 mile run!!!
Yup!!That's me with the pink scarf.....doing push push, looks kinda funny there, but well!!!!!

Go FISH!!!!!

Well, here is my kitchen mess, have a hard time to cook, do holiday baking, and all that stuff, but maybe now everyone will understand!!!
Here are my boxes, in my bed room, out on the porch, and here there and everywhere, dishes here there and everywhere, but I did find my cupcake pans and brownie pan after an hour or so, had to find the flour, sugar and all that stuff too!!!!
Oh!!!!! my measuring cups are ..........
Then, a call, and what do we have now?????? parts of the kitchen arrived while I was trying to get my baking done, still missing a counter top, and .........
Well, the good looking guy there is Juju, just came back from Guadeloupe, looks like he needs a good shave!!!!
That guy makes my day!!
 Merry Christmas to all
OH!!!! and yes eveything has to go back in the boxes, can't fill the cupboards yet!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

English roses up and going!!

Christmas, Flowers, and Happiness!!!

I was very spoiled for my day,    my son and DL and grand kids sent these beautiful roses,
The azalea came from a very good friend, and the peonies came from another very good friend.
I also received a beautiful Camellia for the garden,
My Christmas deco is not the greatest this year, but that will make it even better next year when the
kitchen and everything is done!!!!!
I keep hoping, so it should just get better now.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes from all my new blog friends,
Wishing you all a very dreamy holiday season!!!

Yesterday at the Allée de la Mercerie!!

Well, you all know now that there is a new shop in Vendargues, so guess I will show a little of the changes!!
New decor, new fabrics and what went on with the knitting group!!!

                    New!!!!Allée de la Mercerie on Facebook!!!!!

Even the guys have something great to say!!!!!
Can you imagine!!!!I can!!!!!!