Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a great awful day!

We went fishing today, great weather, sunny and the sea was so calm.  Came in with 12 fish, great!
Wednesday is my roller blading night out, we go about 18km or so,  nice skating  no wind, and I was not
the last one, (age you know!!).  Then looking at my mail, problem, the legs and table for the Milly that I am
supposed to get have not been shipped yet, now my thoughts are very blue, I almost want to forget the whole thing and carry on.  Thinking that if it was meant to be I would have had it long before. Some days and things just weren't meant to be.
I have this one to quilt, anyone want to quilt it for me? Will pay of course.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

APQS mini quilt swap number 1

Here is the mini quilt I made for Joyce.  No name on this one but it could be called ____________.

APQS mini quilt swap number 1

Here is the quilt that I received, as you can see it has all of my favorite things.

Monday, September 27, 2010

St. Marie aux Mines

Wanted to tell you what we did during the four days that we spent at the Carrefour Europeen de Patchwork. Arriving at the house that Philippe rented was a miracle, I was so worried that I had gotten lost, but arrived just in front of the house with no problems. The house smelled like hunting camp, which to me is not bad, but to someone else...........
Shopping for our dinner, etc, then back to the little house, unpack, dinner then off to dream land, I did sleep with the light on, really an old house with lots of strange noises.
Off to St. Marie on Wednesday to set up, boy the car was full, but it all got in, Philippe set up the machine, the Liberty, and working quite well, (I was no help) but I did do the decorating of the booth, not bad for the first time. Looked pretty good. Claudia lent us a quilt that won first place for machine quilting, beautiful, so that made the set up complete. Play with the machine a little to get to know it, then say HI to all the guys around. Off for a ride back to the house, and as usually, dinner, talk and dodo.
Thursday, the big day!! up early, on the road, and off to the show. Wow, so many people, the day went by so fast, guess the last half hour was the longest, but I had a great time. I had made brownies, so broke the ice with those, everyone was really nice, and made some new friends.
Friday and Saturday went by fast, a little rain one of the days but it didn't bother us, nice and warm inside. I saw one of the exhibitions at the theater, Kaffe Fasette and the garden quilts, just amazing, Champagne American and lots of goodies for the aperitif. We even saw country dancing, well, traditional dances. (no comment)
I was able to do a little shopping, books, books and more books, then at 6 p.m. Sunday all over!! It took us about two hours to get everything down, say good-by to everyone, and load up the car for our return. We did go out to dinner, off to the house, dodo again, and up early to clean and pack up all the rest. What a week, great memories, lots of fun, and very educational, well........Heaven!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our trip to Alasce

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Back Home

After two weeks of  wondering around the country side of France I am back home again.
The first info. is that Noé arrived on tht 21st.  Just in time for his grandfathers birthday, and just in
time to celebrate his fathers birthday.  Here is a picture of  big brother Lucien and Noé

Friday, September 10, 2010

Carrefour Europeen de Patchwork

Getting my suitcase ready to go to Alsace, in the North of France, well guess it is north.
Really near the German border. 
My fist show with Philippe at the APQS stand, so I am really excited. 
I may not be able to really use the Liberty as a pro,  but I can talk about everything I
know.  I did take classes in Germany this summer with Claudia, and my
samples were not bad, so I guess as long it is not a quilt it will be fine.
I do practice with paper, PPP even though it is only on paper it gets into
my head, and I can see it sewing out.
My Milli should be getting here after the show, so next year I should be
So many things going on, soon my second grandson, maybe tomorrow!
Rollerblading, new windows,  getting the house ready for my better half,
he will be watching Cali, or maybe it will be the other way around.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Julia Quilt

Block 1 of a two block quilt
I have 13 to do, so they are getting there slowly but surly. 
In two weeks I will post Block 2.

My projects for the past week!

I love 30's prints, here is my butterfly, brick wall and soon
to be flower quilt.  I have to do the blanket stitch around the
butterflies, then add the flowers,

Busy doing nothing and everything

I have been doing lots of things but not just my patch,  Had new windows put in today so the house is in a big mess, well, worst than normal. 
Do you know the "Little house on the Prairie?" Well mine is the Little house on the canal!!!