Thursday, December 30, 2010

My first quilt for someone else!!!

 Well, here it is, my first sampler quilt that I did custom for someone else. There are bobo's, but I did learn allot.  Use colored thread on the colors, how to use the rulers, quite a challenge for the curved ones,  be careful with pins,  I stabbed myself at least five times.   Well, I will invest in a new extended base the round one, the one I have does not stay on flat, it goes up on the sides and catches in the top.  All in all I am pleased, and I am sure that my friend will be also. 

Another Quiet Day

Today I am playing again, one of the girls let me quilt one of her quilts, I have done some ruler work on it, the curved rulers are whow, hard to handle....the line work I have got it down, but the curves I may post a picture, but.....there are lots of bobo's.  It is a practice piece so guess it doesn't have to be perfect.  I am sure that she will love it anyway because it is done, plus I think her grand daughter did the applique!!!  Once the binding is on and the quilt washed I am sure that it will be fine. 
I saw that my order on the wool batting has gone thru, so that will be nice to have, it will give enough loft to cover the mistakes made on the tops. 
My thread came in, I now have the magna bobbins in coton, and some great coton thread.  It looks really nice, and it goes thru Mom like butter.  Guess I will have to get used to the poly, but I have not simulated it yet.
All for tonight.  Have a nice evening.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quiet days

Royal Cross  it is a 12 inch block

Back to playing with Mom......
Oh,  important, my thread came in!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first panto!!!

 Don't know if you can see the design, but I am very happy with it, I went up and down, not side to side so the flowers and leaves are climbing the coins.
I used bottom line, but I would have liked a thicker thread.  I am still very cotton and I miss the effect that it gives the quilt.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bouquet is done

 I still need allot of practice, but I am slowly getting the
feel of Mom, my ovals are so so and I still don't have the hopping foot width in my eye, but with time.....
I  am still pleased because this top was in the box for
over 10yrs and  now it is done, and I did it!  the final texture of  my bouquet I think is good, there are puffs and flat spots just like I wanted, maybe should have used 80/20 but for now just have 100% cotton.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was flower day, I wonder why????

from the girls, would you believe that there is about 20 orchids on that stem!!

From Yo and Juju

From René, Laetitia, Lucien and Noé

Christmas Lunch in Montpellier

Had a beautiful lunch with the girls, we were 17 in all, but the camera didn't get them all!!
The menu was fantastique and everyone had a great time.

Here I am right in the middle!!!!

this was are table mate, never knew that he was there, but had to take a picture...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mom is playing

 Put a UFO on Mom yesterday, and I am playing with it, I must say that my ovals are not great, but guess they will get there.
My little fillers are not that bad, well, to me.  I have the tension down now, so growing with knowledge.  Just having fun and surprising myself once in awhile. 

Noel Palavas

Today was our Christmas dinner.
 Foie gras and fig's
 Foie gras with spice bread
 Lots of little goodies
Mini quiche, sugared tomatoes, olives, cheese puffs
Chicken and dumplings
of course salad and great french cheese,
home made lemon pie, and  cake roll.
everything homemade , and don't forget the Champagne and red wine. 
Here is a look at our table, buffet, and dinner placements, even some of our gifts that were exchanged. 
Christmas is in the air....

learned to do a rose with are napkins!!!

Christmas Flower finished

Christmas Flower is all dressed up for the season, I am so pleased with my first long arm patchwork project.
It is far from being perfect, but I did it, and that is the greatest honor I can give myself.  From start to finish what a feeling of growth and well just indescribable.......

Christhmas lunch with the girls at Juvignac

 After a very hard and devastating morning at the sewing machine making pencil cases, which almost never got done, off to lunch we go.  Salade and quiche for opening then duck and potato pancakes for the main course.  Of course we had to have desert, creme brulé, and fresh cream and fruit sauce.   Exchange of gifts and we are ready for a three week vacation.