Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Quiet Day

Today I am playing again, one of the girls let me quilt one of her quilts, I have done some ruler work on it, the curved rulers are whow, hard to handle....the line work I have got it down, but the curves I may post a picture, but.....there are lots of bobo's.  It is a practice piece so guess it doesn't have to be perfect.  I am sure that she will love it anyway because it is done, plus I think her grand daughter did the applique!!!  Once the binding is on and the quilt washed I am sure that it will be fine. 
I saw that my order on the wool batting has gone thru, so that will be nice to have, it will give enough loft to cover the mistakes made on the tops. 
My thread came in, I now have the magna bobbins in coton, and some great coton thread.  It looks really nice, and it goes thru Mom like butter.  Guess I will have to get used to the poly, but I have not simulated it yet.
All for tonight.  Have a nice evening.

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