Friday, December 17, 2010

Bouquet is done

 I still need allot of practice, but I am slowly getting the
feel of Mom, my ovals are so so and I still don't have the hopping foot width in my eye, but with time.....
I  am still pleased because this top was in the box for
over 10yrs and  now it is done, and I did it!  the final texture of  my bouquet I think is good, there are puffs and flat spots just like I wanted, maybe should have used 80/20 but for now just have 100% cotton.


vivian said...

Looks great! I find with my wallhangings that after they hang for awhile the quilting gets more defined. Or maybe it's in my mind-but I like them better after they have "settled".

Rebecca said...

Suzan that looks great...can tell you & mom have been practing.