Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After that!!!!!!

Monday,   Holiday in France, fire works here and Pina Colada night with pop corn!!

Tuesday, out early fishing, sea is super calm, and guess what
We just saw a turtle, very rare, but he or she won't come up for air!!!

Wow, beautiful boat!!!!!
Nice of them to stop by!!!

Wow, nice black rope,  but what are they pulling?????


Beautiful calm sea, I am as red as a lobster, don't know what
happened, but this couple was so nice, so to port we go!!!!

                                                                     Just enjoy the ride!!!

                                       Once home, call the repair guy and pray that is it not to serious.........

at this time between Holland and the US someone is watching and saying  

                                                               BYE  BYE BABY!!!!



Rebecca said...

Is that your corvet??? I had three and sold them. 1959 - 1964 red fast back and 1981.

Rebecca said...

It looks like you have fun every week. Life is wonderful!!

Suzan said...

NO, it isn't my baby, I will show you my baby one of these days!!!