Friday, January 14, 2011

New button for Hexagon Quilts on the side

My Hexagons
A little while ago one of  girls on the blogs got me to think about getting my
Hexagons out.  Well it was more like,
Wednesday is Flower day.   
So now on Wednesdays when I can I try to get a Flower done.
Here is my progress,  I think I have just four more to do. 
I placed them on the table the other day and Voila!!!
               Hope that you enjoy the site that goes with the button,  it may get you to get started on your
Hexagon Flower project.
There is another site called
One Flower Wednesday
you can find the button on the first site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and hexagon button. I started basting hexagons ten days ago and I can't stop. I don't think I will make grandmother's garden blocks, but I will eventually make something with the.

Happy quilting!

cOto.patchwork said...

They are beautiful flowers!
Wspaniałe heksagoniki. Podziwiam...