Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Sale Season

Went into town today to see all the sales, in France it is sale season twice a year.  They have specials, during the year, but the big sales are in January and July or August. 
My wallet didn't smoke, and I didn't say like Wilma Flintstone, "Charge it"
I went to the English tea store to get some tea, and he had his Christmas decorations on  sale for 50% off.
Oh my,  a Jim Shore  Santa, well, a good buy, he came home with me. 
I just love the things that Jim Shore does, the animals and angels, santa's, all dressed in Patchwork squares.
What a nice self present for a quilter.

Oh by the way, I forgot my tea, but did get a cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    MyVermont roots 
 Just love moo-moo cows 

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Rebecca said...

What a nice buy!! Nice patch work design...would make for a great quilt design..