Saturday, November 25, 2017

Time ....

How time flies

Just yesterday it was Halloween and now!!

Thanksgiving is over

I did decorate the dining room a little for the

fall holidays,  first time in a few years.  

Guess this will have to go soon and I will start

decorating for the Christmas season !!

My oldies but goodies, all hand quilted... 

YES!!  Quilted by hand, 

 I didn't have an APQS longarm  a few or many years ago.

I enjoyed quilting by hand and when I went home to Vermont I would get Mom on one side of the quilt and me on the other and we would quilt in the afternoon for an hour or so and just talk.  Sometimes it was a see how much we could quilt in an hour , then reward ourselves with a cup of tea and a cookie :-)  or two!! 


It's finished

binding is done and the quilt is washed and dried.

This one will be going home on Tuesday. 

 I so love the texture on the black rose background
I quilted the outline of each rose right to the edge.
once washed and dried, magic happens and gives it such a beautiful texture. 

We have started the Collage quilts by Laura Heine with the group.  

Fusing and cutting flowers 

now placing them in strategic areas !!

Not sure if that is the word that I want, but there has to be lights and darks plus small, medium and large flowers placed in specific areas to see the dimension and the reality of the pattern that they chose.  Movement... but it will all be OK.  The girls have a great start and I am sure the finish will be spectacular. 

Time of cookies!!

Just out of the oven :-)

Cheese cake cookies

Chocolate chip cookies 



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