Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's been a long time since......

So sorry for being such a lazy person, hopefully this will be a new start for my blog.
Summer is over, thank goodness.  
Summer was hot, horrible and I am glad that it is over.
Our two cars were stolen in July, one was found but mine is gone forever.  
Summer with the grand children and family without a car is the pits. 
 I did lots of shopping with my Rosie, alias my bicycle.  
 I have a nice basket on the handles for shopping in the market,
 makes it rather easy here in the south of France.  
A little quilting was done.  I always have fun with Sweetie and Gertrude. 

my Shabby Chic round table cloth 

Here is another of my quilts that I had fun doing.  It is called Cubit, I picked out the fabric when I went to Germany to take long arm classes at Quilt&Co with Claudia and Jodi Robinson, I will post pictures of our class later. 

That's all for today 

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