Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am in class in Krefeld Germany with Claudia !!!

Three days of great classes, learned all about taking care of Gert the Flirt who is my APQS Milly, then
yesterday spent the day drawing, quilting, drawing and quilting, so much fun and lots of pages of my
note book filled with designs that I drew.  Friday night was our night out on the town, we had just a fantastic time, got in a little late, but it was worth it, laughing and just smiling from edge to edge!!
Today was thread painting, same thing, drawing, painting with thread, drawing and painting, was a day, when class was over, off to the hotel and a big nap to dream about all the things that we did in class.
Can say it is nice and warm in bed because it is freezing here!!!!!!
Have a good evening!!!
Well it's over, snow on the ground this morning and getting ready to take the plane back home.  Going to miss all the fun stuff, now it is back to the real life!!!

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Judiquilts said...

Suzan, sounds like many full on days - you'll need to take a couple of days to recover! Regards