Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh my!!!!

This is the largest of the quilts, and boy, what a quilt, I will never forget this one.
With every stitch I made, the batting come out the other side.  I frogged it forever ___
I thought it was the tension, then the thread, then the needle, but no it was the batting.


vivian said...

Sorry to hear about the frogging! I've had that happen too with batting. I love scrappy quilts!

Rebecca said...

Love the scrappy quilt too! Did you use a panto?? I have the most handy little tool for frogging which makes it quick and easy. Been there, done that, welcome to the club We could call this PPPP..

Suzan said...

Used a panto, country flower, but I was so stressed out that I hate that panto now, just because you want it to be perfect it turnes out to be.................what is your tool? I used an old needle from the machine so not to make holes or pull up the wrong threads.