Monday, February 21, 2011

My antique rocking chair

My rocking chair was sent from Vermont to France by mail in a big box, big brother had taken it apart and was able to box it up.  Well, my daughter in law's father put it back together for me, and now I have a piece of home in my home.  I was so excited, it was made in 1884,by someone, and I think that someone should be very proud to know that it is still loved and taken care of.  It was in my Moms bedroom, and I always sat on it, small but just right!!


Karen said...

That is a very beautiful chair! I love all things old.

Rebecca said...

You and I have the same taste with our decor and quilting. I can see a small quilt laying over the back of the rocker.

Suzan said...

I needs a nice cusion first, but I will take a small quilt if you make it!!!!