Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apron day

Tonight I am going to be  grumpy, I am in an awful mood.  Reasons, we did aprons,  a few weeks ago we did
pencil cases, well, not all the girls did them, but were there, "sewing machine to heavy to bring".......
Well, there is a reason why we do pencil cases and aprons and carrying bags, TO LEARN!!!!!
we learn to cut correctly,  we learn to follow directions, and to think, and we learn to sew straight with a
certain seam allowance.  We also learn to ask questions, even if we think they are stupid ones, how can we grow if there is always "well, I don't need one, or I don't wear one, or I never use one".  I try to make a class where there is a learning process, and a reshape your hand to do it.  A piano player has to practice everyday, so do we, the more we do things the easier it  is to do, and the better we get.  Sometimes I think that they are doing  it is just to do it faster than the neighbor, and sometimes because the grass is greener on the other side.  Why can't they sew with me?  why do they go home and do it by themselves? I am not going to bite them, I realise that  fabric is super expensive here and not everyone can do  more than two or three quilting projects a year, and I am always being careful for their budget, but this is getting.........................
Two weeks vacation, I will do all the work for myself and I can play for myself, no patterns to draw for anyone, just me!!!!!  Then maybe I will really think about my classes.  Maybe it is time to call the cards and end the game!!!!!!!!
Well, here are the aprons, none finished, but on their way.

Betty's tramputo
This made my day, It was a class that I did about 15 years ago, and Betty did a beautiful job. 


dióhéj said...

This hand-made?

Rebecca said...

OMGosh! That is simply Beautiful!! Soon you will be able to do that with your MOM. Infact you could do that now .... you have PPPP enough. Circles and Straight lines ... easy. What a great wholecloth.

Rebecca said...

That was handed quilted. How big is the quilt???

Rebecca said...

OPPS! forgot to add about the aprons. I would have been a good Next time they could make an apron quilt... maybe that would be
Maybe it was an off day for the gals.