Sunday, November 21, 2010


Getting the final bugs out on Mom this weekend, but did have some time to PPP while doing that.  As you can see, things are getting there, I will be able to play for three or four months, but I do have an old top that can be started, I am doing designs on paper, so maybe next week if all my thread comes in I can start.
Lots of dark spots, but with help from the longarmers on the forum I am getting things going the way they should be.  The base extender was wrong, have to bring the bars up a half inch,(no documentation on the Hartley Fence) then I have the new M&M's, that I thought were not  doing what they are supposed to do, so spent a day and a half on those, so lots of joy and lots of oh No's!!!!!   I can see Droopy saying "I am sooooo Happy"!!! well so am I.
Life is good, live while you can and make the best out of every day.......


Rebecca said...

Whoaaaa girl.... I can see the excitment in your doodles. Take a deep breath and slow down you are going to be up and running soon. I bet you will be qluilting during the holidays cause your sooooo happy.

vivian said...

Looks like you are having fun!!