Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Christmas Flower

Saturday we went fishing, always have something to do, so I traced my flower and leaves, DH did the fishing, lunch was easy, toasted cheese sandwichesand fruit for something sweet,. 
 I was able to do what I love, and he did what he loves.  Happy married couple.  Today I cleaned my quilting room, well, tried and I also finished my Christmas Flower.  I may have to quilt it on my 440 so that it will be done for Christmas, but that is OK.  
I am hoping for a surprise visit, but ........will keep my fingers crossed and maybe the LA will be fixed for the
end of the month!!!

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Rebecca said...

I can see this quilted....OOHHH! I love Christmas with all the decorations. My favorite time of the year all snuggled up by a warm fire quilting, sipping on a cup of tea.