Sunday, May 8, 2011

My list!!!

This was my list of things to do during vacation.....

1.   finish my apron
2.   finish by tulip's
3.   make Jean Pierre's birthday present, long overdue!!!!
4.   finish my X blocks
5.   Start my poppy quilt
6.  Quilt at least 2 quilts!!!!  1 quilt!!!
7.  clean house
8.   plant flowers in the garden
9.  go fishing with hubby!!!!!
10.  finish rose quilt
forgot, have to finish my windows also!!!

OK, I still have to finish my apron, make Jean Pierre's birthday present, start my poppy quilt and finish my windows,(Keiko's garden)

I finished and quilted two of my quilts,
quilted three other quilts....
my windows are in the sashing stage, so almost done.
I planted my flowers, an cleaned the house also my sewing room and Gert the Flirts room; picked up and sorted lots of things,
I  went fishing with hubby three times, and also did my binding while we were out!!!
I can say I forgot that the kids were coming for the week-end so that was an up to 2am to get things ready,
I went to my lessons on the boat, and passed 5 white tests, but not good, I would have flunked!!!
Put away winter things, that means washing and ironing them and then in air tight bags for the summer!!!
Not bad for a start, hope to keep it up but classes start tomorrow!!!!!
have to get my bag ready and  I almost forgot what I am having them do!!!

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