Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny day!!!

A funny day today, some days are like that, Oh well!!!
I put my new leaders on , DH helped me, so it was quite easy, also the "red snappers"
are in place. 
I worked on my windows, well, Keiko's Garden pattern, I am sort of wondering if I make it long, or make it into a three by three block quilt.   I have all my blocks, so it is on the design wall.   No ambition!!!!
I went to my first class to get my driving licence for the boat!!!Yup,  going to be able to pilot the boat by myself !!!!
The weather has been beautiful, and the sunset tonight was a deep magenta, going to be a great day tomorrow if I go by the sunset. 


Rebecca said...

How do you like the red snappers???

Boat driving license ....good for you!

Suzan said...

Love them.......I think.......
first time on was kida tricky, but taking the quilt off was so fast!!!