Thursday, March 3, 2011

A feeling of accomplishment

Today is a special day, I just finished my patchwork quilt.  You may say, wow, Suzan has finished another one...................but  I mean finished, I planned it, I made it, and I quilted it.  Ya, I quilted my patchwork quilt.  I can now put my signature on it,

    This quilt was
       Made and
Machine Quilted by Suzan
     March 3,  2011

What a feeling that is.  I have not had this feeling in such a long time.
I had control of everything from A to Z, no waiting for a year or so to get my quilt back,  I picked the design, I picked the thread, and I quilted it.  In my eyes it is perfect.



vivian said...

What a great feeling!

Rebecca said...

WHEW!!! It is such a great feeling when one accomplishes a project that was design just for oneself. Now I bet you are getting ready to for another one.

My designs always come to me in my dreams ....

Keep on Dreaming!! (in color too )