Wednesday, December 27, 2017


December is here and is almost over.

Birthdays, Christmas lunch with the girls,

Christmas dinner with family 

and finishing up some UPP, which are

unfinished patchwork projects!!

Well, it started on December 1st with a 

real Christmas tree.  

The first in many years, guess

the fake one was to fake this year and too much of a job to get 

it down, unpacked and set up.  

We had a great time finding just the perfect one 

 WOW!! they are expensive!!

But, remember... we only live once.... SO !

 OH Christmas Tree!!

Getting closer to Christmas and 

It's my birthday !! 


 lunch with the kids, big and small 

Of course,  it wouldn't be Christmas without cookies!!

This year cookie jars went out to all my special friends... 

The butcher and all of his employees, 

the paper girl, my two special florists and of course another special lady!!! 

Cookies, homemade chocolates, brownies and .....  

Patchwork !! 

The patchwork group keeps patching... 

 A few creations, we are working on the Collage Quilts from Fiberworks

Enjoy !!

Christmas Lunch with the girls !

The patchwork group is a special one, we share our good times and sometimes our bad times, but we know how to enjoy special times !!

Not many pictures, but our menu was:


Champagne et amuse bouche

Verrines aux saumon 

Fois gras et petits pains de saison

Moules farcis avec une sauce de soupe de poissons

Croutons et riz

Plateau de fromage 

Buches de Noël aux Chocolate

 et aux fruits 

Petit Cœurs aux Chocolat

Vin Blanc, Vin Rouge et



Everyone makes something and we all share. 

A wonderful day with lots of Smiles and Laughter

Oh I must say... 

We were 13 at the table, but there was a 14th place setting !!!

Quilting time and UPP time 

Yes, there is always time for quilting and getting some of those projects done!!

Some of my projects that were way behind and now are on the almost done list!!

Christmas Stockings made for Chléa and Aaron

Gypsy Wife quilt all put together and ready to go on my APQS Millie

And a "Not so tall Christmas Tree" pieced and quilted awaiting a moment to do the binding


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