Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have been away for a few days, but I am back.  I lost someone very special to me, but it's
OK, I feel special to have been there and have shared the last moments with love and peace.

On this trip I have reconnected with friends and new friends, thank you for your presence and
I will cherish these special moments.  Lunch with Christopher, so nice, Thank you for your presence and our talking sessions.  Your a very special guy.
 Quilting with the girls from the Quilt Store Cowles in St Albans, you let me free my mind, and that was the greatest thing, I finished my doodle quilt, and that one will have the greatest memories for me. 
Gail and Linda, no words can say what you did for me and my special person, Thanks for holding hands, the many many hugs, tears, and smiles.  I will never forget you for all that special time.
Cold hands, but warm heart.....
Paula, our lunch together was so nice, will remember that...
Bonnie and Rebecca, our long very long telephone conversations, super, so nice to talk....
Pam, my biggest surprise, I miss you, every time I went home I thought about you and now I know
where I can find you,  Life is great, SMILE and that will make our day extraordinary.
Thom, so happy, your the only guy that I love to put your hands through my hair, sounds funny
but your still the greatest and I will be back.  What memories, good ones,
To all my special FB friends, thank you for your kind words, they mean so much to me. 
Life is sometimes not what we want  but life gives us the best moments when we don't expect
them, and those moments are to cherish.  Life is good, SMILE, and ENJOY

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