Friday, July 27, 2012

Big game fishing and the guys

First of all the guys are out this weekend for the big game fishing championship,  the house is busy and more busy.    OK, there is Rene, Rene Jr, Antoine, and two of Rene Jr's friends, Damien and his brother.  This is an annual event and they won't miss it for anything!!!!!
Here is the start!!!
Fruit and veggies!!!!  Love this, maybe jam making later on!!!!    Wow! homemade jam.....

Damien and his brother are fruiters!!!, they have miles and miles of fruit trees and they also have a vineyard, so a great glass of wine and some fresh fruit and cheese!!!   The good life!!!!
Oh, can't forget Julien and Yoyo, they are the ones with the veggie garden, loads of tomatoes, zuchinni, egg plants,(spelling?) and lots of goodies, even melons, they have " green fingers"!!!!

In their picnic basket along with lots of other things, there is my original tomato pie and brownies!!!!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

where is the receipe for that tomatoe pie???
You lucky lady with all the fruit and veggie..... yummmmmmmm
What a fun weekend for all.