Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holland, I am going!!! "Laugh at the sky" was accepted!!!

I am really excited, my first contemporary quilt that I designed, and made and quilted has been accepted in the OEQC show in Holland, The show starts the first week of May, so I will be going!!!   I am so excited,   did the happy dance around the house two or three times and today I put the binding on, of course the quilt  was blocked first, now to do the label and sleeve, then put the embellishments on. 
I can't believe this is happening, just the thought of " it was accepted" is my biggest dream, now it will be up to the judges...
No pictures for now, once it has been judged I will post a picture of ME in the front of My QUILT in the OEQC show!!!!!

International textile event
without borders
Open European Quilt Championships 2012

3 until 6 May 2012



Angela Huffman said...

Congratulations! You know we'll want photos!

vivian said...


Rebecca said...

I knew this would happen, your a super quilt star.......
I'm sooooooo behind and missing out on all this.
Happy! Happy! Happy!
The quilt needs to come to the states so we can see it......