Friday, July 29, 2011

Big game fishing contest for the next three days!!

Not sure if that is how to say it, but it is the 
for the next three days,
We were up at 5am, got the boat ready, sardines in place, the huge fishing polls, and of course the picnic.
The departure was at 7am they have about 20 miles to go out to the fishing zone and at 9:30 they can start putting their lines in the water......  at 16H all lines must be out of the water, and they should be on their way back, unless they hooked a fish.  I think they have two hours after lines up to get the fish in, but each catch has to be announced, even if they loose it.  I am not very good with fishing language, I love to go with the guys, but I rather talk patchwork!!!

René and René of course father and son!!!!
Antoine and his father in law, he is a rugby man!!(Antoine)

Eric, René's farther in law, he is in charge of cutting the sardines and making the special mixture!!!!
there is only 11 cases!!

Off  they go!!!

A super beautiful day for them, hope it is like this all day long....

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Rebecca said...

Whhhat Fun!!!!! I use to trout fish..... That got to be sooooo peaceful. I could have handled living in France, I love everything about it.