Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today  is cleaning day, so .....Company Monday, it's a holiday here!!!!!
Well, around 1:30 the mail man came and said
"Tell those Americans to put your street address"!!!!!!!
Well, it got here in great shape and I love it  I think I can do it,
 I can't wait for vacation to play.
Thank you Rebecca

Two books one  on leafs called" Just Leaf It"  and "Fancy Feathers" by Kim Stotsenberg


vivian said...

I've got the "Just Leaf It" book. For some reason my leaves never look like leaves! Need to get it out and practice!

Rebecca said...

Your Welcome!! PPPPPP some more, then show us what you have quilted...
OPPS! did I forget the street address??? I better check my address book.
Love those Peoneies, mine are just starting to get buds.