Friday, April 29, 2011

Fishing today!!!

My bowls for the boat!!  Also my little boats

this is a mussel farm, and here is the boat that works there,
it is a great place to go fishing, but we don't go into the zone,
always outside the warning ballasts

Here are the worms!!they are about a yard long!!!

at port, my patchwork bag never opened!!!

Jean Pierre, our neighbor, we will be going out sailing with him soon, he has a huge metal sail boat!
A little messy right now, but it's the season to get everything in
Ship shape!!!


Rebecca said...

You use such bright colors, I really like it. Cute little table cloth... (quilt)
Do I see the name Susie on the boat??? What a nice man to name his boat after his wife....
Did you make the patchwork bag?? I really enjoy the photos.

Suzan said...

Yup!!!I am the only girl in the family, besides the DL!!!!

Rebecca said...

Jean Pierre... is that the gentleman that owns the fabric shop??

Suzan said...

no, he is an architect who is a friend, he celebrated his birthday over a month I am really late!!!