Wednesday, February 14, 2024


A little love for a special day 

Geese again, there may be more!  This one is Marie Claude's

This one is an oldie but a goodie.... a small quilt that we made in 2001 
for the mayor of Palavas.  Do you remember girls?  

An orphin block quilt, it will be great for a little table topper... 
Better done than in a box waiting... 


Thursday, February 8, 2024

Febuary already !

 Febuary is wedding month for us... It has already been 47 years and we are still together,  It seems like yesterday that we were fighting the elements in Vermont on our wedding day... Life is GOOD!

Something new 
Something old 
Something finished !!

Lets start with something old,  Well my Dalhia quilt has been sent out
to a friend (Jeffery) in California to be quilted.  He does beautiful quilting and is 
such an wonderful awesome artist, I am so thankful for our friendship and all of the knowledge that 
he shares with all.  

Now, Something new 
My granddaughter is also sewing and quilting with me.  
How sweet is this,  it is wonderful to share things together...

Something Finished  
This is what we are doing in the quilting group, 
We are missing someone, but hopefully she will be back soon,  
We have been working on geese,  
this is the placemats that one of the ladies finished,  
more to come but little by little....

I had a head start on our next project which is 
A giant double wedding ring by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
I asked a friend to bring me the templates from the states, and VOILA, she did. 
I doubt if they could have been mailed here to France.   
At last I have started the project!!
Of course, I have a friend who is supposed to help... but!  he would rather sleep!!
I should take better pictures,  the colors are not very nice and I 
so wanted to get out of my pink box, but no... It's pink !
It is just a table runner, but I will make another one with nine blocks to put on my round dining table.  

I love it's bigness!!  

Before Christmas we started a birdie project!
One of the girls managed to do a small wall hanging and I quilted it
for her.  It was her birthday yesterday so I will wrap it
up and give it back to her all finished,  Hopefully she will love the 
quilting and I did embroider a tag for her to put on the back of her small quilt. 
 Used my embroidery machine and it turned out super.

This little quilt is done, it is for another friend.  
I have had a hard time getting back to quilting, but slowly I am
getting my mojo back and slowly getting to know my APQS machine again.  
A wonderful new year of quilting in the future.  

Have a great day... 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

 Can you believe it been a year !! 

Lots of new things but one at a time!!


Last week Expo in Pinet, a little town in the south of france that is known for their wine.  PicPoule de Pinet!!  A wonderful group,  the mayor and all of his crew were wonderful. 

 Thank you so much for the invitation. 

June was a busy month with the club ALPL and the group Patchwork

We had an open house with the other associatiohns outside with sunshine... Lots of sunshine !!

We were able to sell tickets for a drawing, three prizes and the money that we received will go to an association for Ukraine :-)


Have a wonderful evening



A little love for a special day  Geese again, there may be more!  This one is Marie Claude's This one is an oldie but a goodie.... a sma...